NTM supports those who struggle to find work-based outcomes due to the perception of labels that have been thrust upon them which can reduce opportunities to be seen and discovered for the talents that they have.  Our platform delivers a lifelong support mechanism that develops alongside an individual’s own life journey, providing them with ongoing guidance on skills development options now and into the future.

The use of NTM within schools/colleges, intervention providers and LEAs enables a community wide view of the participants within each community, including data fields such as diversity, talent, and career matched employability landscapes as well as powerful reporting that identifies transferable work skills and opportunities.

Supporting individuals to gain employment, especially those who are disadvantaged or vulnerable, is a key challenge, made harder through recruitment processes that are reliant on outdated one-dimensional CV’s and an over-reliance on qualifications. NTM’s profiling process automatically creates a unique SeeMe portfolio that enables employers to view core attributes, talents, abilities, and behaviours that make a successful and driven employee.

NTM’s person-centric approach enables the targeted provision of relevant support such as education and training solutions to many who struggle to be seen due to label or circumstance. This includes those with SEND and those less academically recognised.  Our research and experience support the approach that hobbies and interests are the key to unearthing latent talent that can be harnessed in an employment context to great effect.

A NTM SeeMe Profile delivers a unique picture of an individual’s talents, signposts to additional development and offers previously not considered employability options whilst reinforcing individual value and worth.

The No Going Back project delivered by Bounce back is passionate about turning people’s lives around and reducing re-offending.  Naturally Talented  Me helps our Case Managers to support people – often for the first time – to identify and understand the talents they have, and to display and promote them in an innovative way to prospective employers.  It helps people regognise and see their true potential beyond the label of ‘ex-offender’.

Paulette Jackson

NGB Project Leader, Bounce Back

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