“The global CEO community need to revolutionise disability inclusion through leading by example and proactively enabling access to opportunity.”

Caroline Casey – Founder, The Valuable 500


This extract highlights the synergy and drivers behind Naturally Talented Me, as our two-year journey has stemmed from the challenges that those in labelled status have experienced both in education and the world of work.

Now, coupled with the challenges of COVID-19, our own goals have been recognised as not just the challenges for people stuck with labels but as a wider collective: everyone is experiencing the battle to be seen as someone with value and talents that can enable the new world to face its new future through change and adaptation.

Our goal has always been to make a difference, enforce a change but also to enable everyone, no matter what background, age or circumstances, to be discovered – both by discovering their own core natural talents that are hugely valuable to many employers, and by having those talents recognised by employers, who realise that their antiquated processes in recruiting are no longer serving their best interests.

NTM offers everyone the opportunity to be seen, found, and embraced by those that recognise the value of natural talents and behaviours. This alignment to the real needs within organisations, both within roles and across departments, is the only driver that can create change and ensure diversity and inclusion is embraced fully.

Remote working is now a thing of today and we all know that if you are in a role that ignites your passions, supports your natural behavioursand invigorates your natural talents, you will have a workforce that can change the way the new world of working reshapes our future.