Naturally Talented Me (NTM) is a Community Interest Company (CIC)  set up to help everyone, regardless of background, circumstance, or label to showcase their natural talents to the world of work.  Whoever you are – it’s for you.

We believe the process of assessing if a person is ’employable’ based on just their qualifications and certifications means many talented people get overlooked for opportunities in which they could succeed and thrive.

NTM’s approach focuses on the attributes that are at the heart of an individual – their natural talents.  Talents that match the needs of a modern-day forward-thinking employer.

Using sophisticated, but simple-to-use associations with hobbies and interests, the NTM platform brings together a powerful combination of text, video and imagery all in one rich, 3 dimensional SeeMe profile.

Now EVERYONE can stand out for the qualities they possess, and employers get to see the real person behind the application – unearthing new and diverse talent to succeed in new and exciting careers.


Being a CIC means NTM is primarily set up to provide benefit for the community as opposed to private profit. At least 65% of the company profits will be split and 1) re-invested to improve the platform features and functionality for the benefit of disadvantaged job-seekers; 2) used to provide support for the communities we serve – SEND, ex-offender, homeless, older workers, ex-military, refugees, NEETs.


The founding team behind NTM is an experienced combination of talent acquisition, learning and development and technical infrastructure specialists. Together we have over 70 years experience in a variety of high-profile companies, including Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, T-Systems, Rank Group, Reuters, AT&T, Prezzo and Merlin Entertainments, and have seen first-hand the issues that the old recruitment process has on enabling careers for all.
Working both in business and within schools has given us a clear view of the issues, challenges and impacts that have widened the talent gap and we have extensively researched across multiple partners why this has come about. In short, our skills, understanding and experience in industry and education have given us the insight needed to make a significant change in order to support those furthest from the labour market.
Nikki Mears

Nikki Mears

Learning and Development

Nick Boothroyd

Nick Boothroyd


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