Naturally Talented Me is an innovative, free to use profiling platform, designed to help jobseekers identify and promote their natural talents to employers.


What are you good at? What do you love? Your hobbies and interests say more about your employment prospects than you might realise. NTM will help you identify your natural talents and how they link to employment attributes. These can then be presented to employers in an engaging and dynamic way that shows what you’re really made of.


‘It’s a brilliant tool which is directly helping to support young people facing barriers to employment secure their first jobs. We are looking forward to working closely with the team at NTM as the platform develops.’

– Henry Glynn, Head of Programmes, The Change Foundation


The world is full of talented people, but for employers it’s hard to gauge a person’s full skillset just from academic qualifications. How do you spot talents such as independent thinking, teamwork, problem solving, creativity and attention to detail?

NTM has the answer. It uses artificial intelligence and an intuitive and engaging Q&A to help jobseekers identify and promote their natural talents. By combining video, images and supporting documents, NTM automatically creates a three-dimensional, visual profile that highlights each individual’s full potential, helping employers to source and hire new talent more accurately.


As well as building compelling talent profiles, we will offer a range of services to help individuals, intervention organisations and employers to connect. Support our fundraising campaign to help us launch these services as soon as possible.
Identify and understand the talents you have at your disposal.
Recognise how specific talents lead to careers
and learn how to make it happen.
Connect live vacancies with the talents required.
Put yourself or your organisation in front
of the people you want to attract.